How to brighten a cloudy day


I have just started to experiment with hand dying wool.  The whole process is so satisfying, I have always enjoyed creating something, taking raw materials and changing them into something else,  but this literally changes colour in front of your eyes, it’s almost magical!

I know that there has been a real revival in knitting and crochet in recent years and I have caught the bug too, which is why I am creating my kits.  I want projects to be available to everyone, not just experienced knitters and crocheters, I ultimately I would love the kits to have my own hand dyed wool, it would make each one completely unique and make me stand out from the crowd.

So this is the start of that journey, experimenting with colour, techniques, and patterns to produce my own line of hand dyed wools.

What colour combination do you prefer?  What colours would you like to see?

I can’t wait to start the next batch later this week, there will be more pictures to follow!


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