Et Voila!


Here it is, the hank I dyed the other night, it is finally dry and I LOVE the way it looks.

I used 4 colours , Jacquard’s Spruce, Cherry Red, Purple and Burnt Orange but when you add them to the water they merge so make new colours in the dyeing process which is why the finished hank looks like it has more colours in it, I also left some of it undyed so the natural wool can still be seen in places.img_0821

I love the way it looks like a rainbow, it just makes me smile, and isn’t that was creativity is all about, fun, happiness and sheer, unadulterated pleasure.

When, like me, you are at a bit of a crossroads in your working life it is so important to experiment with things to see what you really want to do, the more I have fun, the more I enjoy something, the more determined I am that I want to make a living out of making me happy, but more importantly other people happy, and who could resist a smile if they bought/received as a gift this hank of soft, squishy, glorious wool?

Somethings are just made to make you smile, and take it from me, hand dyed wool is one of them!! This will be available in my Etsy shop later today.

Enjoy you weekend and don’t forget to smile x


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