Is buying British important to you?

If you had asked me this question yesterday I would of answered ‘yes of course!’ However I have recently found this page KnitBritish and it made me look at where I buy my fabrics and yarn from, very little of it is British, it was all bought in the UK but clearly most of it has been imported.

I am a little bit ashamed about this if I am honest, I can’t believe that with all the amazing UK farmers, producers and manufacturers in the UK I have not sought these out.

I suppose it has been a mixture of ease and laziness that has led me to having a stash of non UK yarn.  I have a wool stall on the market in the City I live and a small wool business that has opened in someone’s garage in the next village, both are convenient and  in all honesty, cheap, which I this is my main problem.

I, more often than not, buy wool because I like the colour(s) and a ball is so squishy and inviting, I go to buy one ball for a project and end up buying multiple balls of different colours just because I can, and they are affordable so I don’t really stop to think ‘do I need this?’, then they go into my wool stash and quite often don’t get used.  These are all acrylic balls of yarn, not wool.

However recently I have found 100% wool and it feels so much nicer, it looks so much nicer and it is, in my opinion, worth the extra cost.

It has had the effect of buying what I want for a project and then starting that project, don’t get me wrong I have more than one project on the go, but at least it is getting used.

I am not spending money on something just to bring it home and put it on the shelf with all the other lovely colours, (but they do look so nice!)

It has made me look at British wool producers and there are so many out there, some like West Yorkshire Spinners even have the details of the farm where the sheep live, imagine that, knitting or crocheting something and then visiting the farm to see which sheep have helped produce it.

I think it is inspiring, and it is my intention to buy some WYS wool, find where it was produced and take inspiration for the project I will use it for from the environment around that farm.

_6 Hanks-600x600.jpg
Just some of the amazing colours in the WYS gem collctions


I love visiting Yorkshire and I love knitting so it makes sense to combine both of them, I won’t have a day off to do this until the Easter holidays but I am looking for to it already.


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