Hank, skein or cake?

I’m always amazed how different the same hand dyed hank looks in it’s different forms.

Here is the same hank as a hank (the one on the left) a skein (the one on the left ) and finally a cake.

What do you prefer?

I think it looks so much nicer as a skein or cake, I can’t wait to see what someone uses it for and what the finished item looks like.

I am really tempted to use this one myself but I simply don’t have the time at the minute, I am either at uni or doing work for uni or I’m at work or i’m hand dyeing, oh and i’ve just ordered a skip to do some long long overdue DIY!  I must be mad, I don’t have enough hours in the day as it is.  I’m not doing much of the DIY myself I have employed a friends husband to do it for me! but there is still so much to do, I need to choose a sofa and chair, the paint, wallpaper, the flooring, skirting and decide where the furniture is going!!

I’m just counting down to the Easter holidays, I can have a few days off from uni and hopefully get caught up on all the jobs that keep getting missed.

I will still keep dyeing though, I love the creativity and the excitement of seeing just how the dyes will mix and what the finished product looks like.

I can’t wait for them to start selling in Etsy, I would love my customers to send me pictures of their finished items.

Well back to the uni work for an hour, before heading off for my 12 hour night shift!


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