Relaxing with tea and cakes

Although not the cakes you might be thinking of, no I’m talking about yarn cakes.  I’ve just received a swift and so I have been turning my skeins into cakes.

What took me about 20 minutes is now taking me 4-5 minutes, it is so much fun, and personally I prefer the cakes, they are ready to knit or crochet with, what more could you want!

They just look so nice and welcoming, you can almost hear them calling you can’t you?

If they are calling you, they are available over in my Etsy shop.

I just wish I had time to start a new project, I am looking forward to getting to work on Friday night, it is the only time at the minute that I get to sit down and night.  I know that sounds wrong but I am in a call centre so I do have some time between calls and knitting is the perfect thing to keep me occupied.

I spent last weekend knitting a hat for a colleague but I forgot to take a picture, this week I am back to my hitchhiker shawl, I will post a picture over the weekend to show you how I am getting on.



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