Twas the night before…

I’ve had a non-stop week and i’d love to say, the weekend is here so relax, unfortunately with a part time job that means I work two night shifts over the weekend I am a long way off relaxing.

Not only that tomorrow is the day I start on the re-designing and decorating, the skip was delivered this afternoon, it was waiting for me when I got home from university.



With another assignment due tomorrow I’ve had a late day finishing it and getting it submitted so that I can concentrate on tomorrows wall removal!!  (there will be pictures to follow) I’ve just finished emptying two rooms of “stuff”.  I think this is going to be a fantastic opportunity to streamline my possessions.  I took three bags to the charity shop at lunchtime and I’ve already got a 4th full, it has cookbooks and old magazines, I’ve found a Christmas magazine dated 2005.  Now I love Christmas and I love looking at old recipes but I have not looked at this for years, so it has gone in the charity bag.  There are some books that are brand new, so these can go on eBay but if they don’t sell, they are going to the charity shop too!

The hand dyeing has had to take a bit of a back seat this week, as has my knitting, but i’ll be back at it soon.

I am almost ready to unveil my new logo and blog header, I am so excited to show you all.

Finally, where has Spring gone?  It has been cold again in the last couple of days, the daffodils that were promising to bloom have changed their minds just for a while.  I am looking forward to enjoying more sun and feeling the warmth, I hope it’s not too far away.



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