Where has that week gone?

I can’t believe that’s another week gone already.  Time seems to be rushing along so fast with no time to stop and smell the roses.  I am spinning so many plates at the minute but there are all really exciting so that is helping keep them all in the air.

It is very much about time management and keeping ahead of the game, I haven’t done that perfectly but I am always trying to look ahead so I don’t get that feeling of panic when you realise a deadline is right upon you.

I managed to get my assignment in the day before the deadline because I knew I would be busy demolishing walls on deadline day, next on my list was DIY and then work and uni work.

I have made it to Sunday night with all the jobs on my list ticked off and a brand new list ready to go into the next week.

Now this week might pose a challenge or two as I agreed to do extra hours at work weeks ago and I may regret that but with some prep and planning I know I will get it all done.

I am missing my creative side, I haven’t had chance to do any dyeing or creating but I know it will all be worth it.

Bring on next week and all that it holds!




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