An interesting morning

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I turned up for uni this morning expecting a 2 hour session in a room discussing the benefits of gamification in business and work with the first years.

I was surprised to find that they wanted a walking meeting instead, I think it was just an excuse to walk to a very nice sweet shop but I wasn’t complaining.  It meant that I had a walk in the sunshine and we visited the cathedral (my university is just a 10 minute walk from Lincoln Cathedral)

I’m not sure that there was much learning going on but I enjoyed the walk and the view just the same.

The photos are from inside the Cathedral, the sunlight was streaming in, some of the photos don’t quite capture the vividness of the colours but they do show was an amazing building it is.

There is a couple of pictures of the Lincoln Imp, it is hidden way up high and you could look for hours and not find it, if you didn’t know where to look.  You can put 20p in a box and it lights it up, making it much easier to see (see had already found it before we put the money in the box!)





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