When opportunity strikes

There are times in life when opportunities are put in front of you and you just have to grab them.  Sometimes you have to go looking for them and sometimes you have to search really hard for them.

Yesterday was one of them times when one was put in front of me and I couldn’t resist grabbing it.

I am a football fan, I have been for over 30 years and I’ve supported my local team all that time.  There are have lots of lows and some very high highs but that’s what loyalty is, isn’t it?  Sticking with your team through thick and thin.

Well, back to yesterday, the FA Cup wasn’t at my local club, oh no, it was there for our local rivals, who have had a momentous run in the FA Cup and play a team 88 places above them in the league in the Quarter Finals.

My university are sponsors of this team, Lincoln City, and so the FA Cup came for a visit, just for an hour, and staff and students had the opportunity to come and see it and have a photo taken with it, of course, there was no touching, there was a rather large man from the FA Cup to ensure that there was no touching, but even so, it was an incredible opportunity that I couldn’t pass.

So here I am, within touching distance, of the FA Cup.


You just never know where opportunities will come from, and when you see them you have to grab them!



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