Light at the end of the tunnel

I can see the light at the end of the decorating tunnel, yipee!  I am hardly at home at the moment with work and uni so I haven’t been inconvenienced too much with all the work that is going on, but the house is so dusty and dirty and I am looking forward to being able to put everything back in it’s place.

The decorating will be done by next weekend, the carpet is being measured and fitted in the next 10 days, the blinds will be fitted in the next couple of weeks and I just need to go and order a new settee, I know this will be a few weeks before it is delivered but I needed to chose the colour scheme and carpet etc before I ordered it.

I got up after nights (after only 4 hours sleep so tonight’s 12 hour night shift is going to be interesting!) and I have chosen my carpet and new kitchen floor.

It is exciting to be making these choices as I know the end is in sight.  I cannot recommend Horsely’s of Gainsborough highly enough, their service was excellent, really helpful without being pushy at all and the price was very very competitive.

It is the first time I have used them but I would return tomorrow if I needed to, we are quick to complain about things but we don’t champions those that deserve it, so this is my thank you to them!


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