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A different kind of inspiration

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So recently my inspiration has come from nature or the environment around me, and it has been the colours that have inspired me and influenced a colour scheme for dyeing my yarn, however today my inspiration has come from a friend and her hard work and determination.

I have woken up this morning feeling tired and a little bit, bleurgh! I really haven’t slept well this weekend off my night shifts and yesterday I had to go carpet shopping (although that was a successful trip) between shifts.  I have so much to do today and really need to go into town and pick up some more paint for the decorator but honestly I have been delaying getting out of bed by trawling the internet and social media, (anything really to delay getting on with my to do list) and here is where the inspiration comes from.

I was on Facebook, delaying getting up!, and I see a link shared by my friend, Nicky, now she has taken up weighlifting quite recently and she qualified for a British competition in Northern Ireland and it was this weekend. The link was to the event, it was being streamed live, I click the link (remember I am trying to delay getting up!!) and there she is, live from Northern Ireland, lifting weights, in a National competition!.  Something she hadn’t done a year or so ago, and she has worked so hard to get there.  I suddenly realised tiredness is a state of mind, I could stay in bed for the next hour or so wasting time, or I can get up, get into town and run my errands, come back and get my uni work done and then I will have time to sit down this evening and relax with some knitting.

So that is why I am dressed and ready to walk out the door, inspiration comes in all forms and for different reasons, but when it strikes it is AMAZING.




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