Back to reality


The best part of a weekend away with friends is the laughter, relaxation, food and of course a glass of bubbly, the worse part is getting back home and getting back into your daily routine.

However I have some really busy, exciting weeks coming up so I am happy to be getting back to it.  I need to get my craft kits made up as I have a space to sell them in a local shop who sells beautiful handcrafted local items.  I am so excited about this opportunity, I can’t wait to see them on the shelves!

We have also just started to new ventures at uni, (I am on the Business (Team Entrepreneurship) degree course at Bishop Grosseteste university), one delivery bacon and sausage butties to students on campus who can’t make it out of bed and another running a Smoothie bar at lunchtime, this is around our studies too, so it is going to be challenging but exciting.

The decorating is nearly done so the house will be back to normal and I will be able to get back to some hand dyeing, I have missed the creativity of it and look forward to showing you some new colourways soon.

We all need a break and time away with friends, but unfortunately it can’t last forever!






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