Tulips, labels, orders and tragedy

My Tuesday routine is university, Pilates followed by dinner at my friends house, it is one of the friends that I had been away with this weekend.  When I got there yesterday so gave me a beautiful bunch of tulips, just because I drove us around over weekend!


I don’t travel well at times, unfortunately suffering from motion sickness, so driving is often the best way for me to travel and I really don’t mind it, I used to drive hundreds of miles in a week in my previous life, not only that, this friends has the biggest car so it was her car I was driving, (she was feeling well otherwise we would have shared the driving) so for her to give me flowers was a lovely surprise.  The picture only shows half of the bunch, they now have pride of place in my newly decorated living room.

I have just designed new labels for my hand dyed yarns, it’s a job that has been on my list for a while but I had an order today so I they were pushed to the top of the list.  I am really happy with them and they look great wrapped around the yarn.

This is the one that has been purchased today so here it is wrapped and ready to be posted tomorrow.

I still get a thrill when an order comes through, I wonder what will become of my hand dyed yarn and I hope it brings my customer as much joy as I feel when I design and dye it.

Today has been marred by the events in London, I have friends that work for the emergency services in London and my heart goes out to all involved.  It really does put things into perspective, and reinforces my view that you need to live life for today.

Be safe x


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