What a difference 8 hours makes

It’s hard to believe, looking out at the sunshine that is beating down in Lincolnshire today, that 8 hours ago I had to get the de-icer out as my car was covered in frost when I left work at 4am.  I woke up early and the sun was already shining brightly.  By the time I got in my car just before midday it was already 15 degrees!  I love my Country and how it gives us such a range of temperatures and weathers, within a very short space of time, it makes me appreciate the sun even more.

I was up early as I had an exciting day ahead, I needed to drop my stock off at With Love From Lincolnshire, I am now an official stockist!  It is very exciting and a little bit scary, what if nothing sells?  what if people don’t like it? Well I love it and I am proud of what is in the shop so I hope that comes through to the customers.  I’ve decided I need to be braver, I know I can’t please everyone, all of the time, so I am doing things that make me happy and that’s enough for me!


I also had time to drop into a brand new wool shop, two doors down from With Love From Lincolnshire, Number Four but I will have to tell you about that tomorrow as I am going to be late for work if I don’t go now!

Until tomorrow…


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