Another beautiful day


After less than 4 hours sleep off nights today, I knew it was going to be a long hard day, however the beautiful sunshine has made it much more bearable.

As well as everything else going on in my life at the minute I have decided to embark on another venture, this time with a friend, so we spent a couple of hours working in this.  (I hope to be able to share more with you soon, needless to say it is wool related!)  I am utterly exhausted, I am working harder now than I have ever worked for any sustained period in my life, but I am loving it, there is so much promise ahead.  I only have to get through the next couple of weeks and then I can have a few days off over Easter.

I am currently delaying do my uni work, but I can’t put it off for much longer, it needs doing for tomorrow!

I have just taken advantage of the glorious sunshine and been for a walk around my village, there was colour everywhere I looked, and most of it was yellow, a fantastic reflection of the sunshine.

As I mentioned briefly yesterday, I popped into my new local wool shop Number Four.  It opened last weekend but I was away enjoying my trip with the girls and it has been none stop at uni so yesterday was the first opportunity I had.  I’m pleased I forfeited sleep to go, Sarah, the lovely lady who owns it, was so chatty and friendly and she wasn’t rushed off her feet so I had time to talk to.  I only spoke to her for a short time, but I really admire what she has done, she didn’t have some grand plan about her life, she was visiting family in Lincoln with her husband and children and they decided to move, and she has then gone on to take on the shop and live her dream of being surrounded by wool!! I really hope it works out for her.

If any of you are local to Lincoln or come for a visit, I can highly recommend popping in to Number Four and indulging in the lemon cake, it was divine.  It didn’t last long enough for me to take a photo of it!

Well, I’ve procrastinated long enough, I need to go and get some work done, until next time!


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