Dyeing · wool

Yarn dyeing again!

After a few weeks of not being able to dye, I was desperate to get back in the kitchen and get my creativity going again.  So last night, I found myself with a spare hour and I took advantage and got my dyes out.  I use Jacquard acid dyes and used Spruce, Cherry red, Chartreuse and Purple.  The wool in this pot was dyed using a mix of 1/5th teaspoon dye to 100ml water for each colour.  The colours were more vibrant than the photo shows.IMG_1188.JPG

The other skein I hand painted, I used the same colours (expect I swapped the purple for the burnt orange) but mixed 1/8th teaspoon to 100ml water so the colours were more muted.  I painted quite narrow stripes so the repeat is frequent.  I’m really pleased with the result (the skein on the left)



The hand painted skein is on the left and the other one is on the left.  I am really pleased with the way that have turned, I will take a better picture in daylight tomorrow, I was being impatient as I wanted to show you the results.

They will both be available to buy from my shop in the next day or so, (depending on when I get time to add them!)

What do you think of the colourway?



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