Enjoying a day off

That title is stretching the truth somewhat, I may have had last night off work (much needed I can tell you) but that doesn’t mean I have been able to lounge around in my pyjamas all day!

I went through to watch my team, Grimsby Town for the first time this year (that is the down side of working Friday and Saturday nights) unfortunately after a great start, they went 1 nil up, we lost 5 – 1.  I have to admit I didn’t even see the last goal as I had left just before the end.

I then call in at my parents house as they have been in Australia since New Year’s Eve and they are back in Tuesday, so I had to get the lawnmower out and cut their lawn, it definitely needed a cut, as you can see!


I had only had a few hours sleep so by the time I got home I was shattered but I couldn’t resist getting my knitting needles out and working on my two WIP’s (my very first pair of socks and a hitchhiker shawl)  The hitchhiker is growing very slowly now that there are so many stitches but I usually only work in this at work so it was always going to be a slow project, it will look fantastic once it’s finished!

Today hasn’t been a day of relaxation either, I have had some uni work to do, i’ve been working on a secret project that I can’t tell you about just yet and I have spent the afternoon digging in the garden.  I love this time of year, my fruit trees are blossoming, the rhubarb is starting to grow and the strawberries and raspberries are starting to grow too.  A real time of promise.  (I forgot to take photo’s, I will take some in the next day or so)

After a few hours in the garden and a nice walk to the shop in the sun I have sat down and have started to seize up!  So it is time for a soak in the bath.

I long for a day off, a day when I can afford to do nothing, that time is a long way off at the moment, but in the meantime I will heed this advice.




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