Dyeing · wool

Sunshine + yarn + dye = Happiness!

The downside of warm weather and sunshine when you work nights is that everyone gets out into their garden and starts cutting their lawn early!

I was woken from my sleep after just 4 hours with my neighbours cutting their lawn, although I would have much preferred to have had more sleep, I have not wasted these precious few hours before I go back to work.  I have been dyeing!

I have had a go at my first batch dyeing, I haven’t tried to get them exact but I have tried to make them similar, so that if any needs more than one skein they can buy them knowing they are very similar.

They are out on the line drying in the gorgeous sunshine.

The flowers are out, the sun is shining and although I am tired and don’t fancy the 12 hour shift I have in a couple of hours I am going out to enjoy a small slice of this weather while I can.

Enjoy the weather!


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