Happy Easter


What a difference a week makes, last Sunday it was in the high 20’s, the sun was out and everyone was bar-b-queing, today, it is raining and much much cooler, that doesn’t stop me working though.

I am determined not to put the heating on though, I have just wrapped up and when I start to feel cool, I do some housework!  At least the hoovering is getting done!

I can’t believe a week of my Easter holiday has gone already, it has gone past in a blur of work and uni work, next week is no better, but I knew when I decided to go on my career break to study for a degree it was not going to be easy and this year it certainly hasn’t been, but when I get to the end of May and have passed my second year (fingers crossed!) I will be able to stop and breath for a while.

I have not had the chance to do any dyeing this week but I hope to change that soon.

IMG_1357                      IMG_1364


I have been knitting though, I’ve finished my first sock, and I’ve started on it’s pair, and I’ve started another Hitchhiker shawl in wool I bought from Wool is the answer, I only get to knit when I am at work at the weekend so things grow slowly but I still get the same satisfaction when I finish something.

I hope you are all having a lovely Easter Weekend (whatever the weather!)



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