Train journeys

I don’t go on trains that often, if I need to go anywhere I usually tend to drive, but I found myself on a 4 hour train journey yesterday.

I had shared a lift down to Exeter from Lincoln to speak at a conference and needed to come back a day before everyone else due to work so I caught the train back.

I had two trains and both journeys were about 2 hours in length.  Both were really busy but that didn’t stop me getting my knitting out, I could see some sideways looks from other passengers who seemed amused by what I was doing but what else is there to do on a long journey?  I tried to do some uni work but space is so limited you really can’t do too much, but I could knit, and it passed the time very quickly!

I am not the quickest knitter but it is definitely growing!

Have a good weekend everyone x


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